Winter 2015:

This past weekend I went to get my car smogged and unfortunately ended up having to stay longer than expected. The good thing about the whole ordeal was that the dude who was trying to pass my car had some bud (weed) [although it wasn’t actually talked about or brought out until the very end when his homie with a hat rolled through]. Fortunately, I was already properly baked from my wax pen that I was hitting while waiting for the technician to show up.


Long story short, the friend who I assumed was also a tech packed a steamroller, hit it, and then asked if I wanted a hit. The stoner in me did not decline. I grabbed the glass and lighter then proceeded to spark it up. After inhaling, I passed the steamroller to Junior, the original tech, exhaled and leaned back in the chair that I had just sat my ass in. I said my thanks and then asked the guy in the hat and sunglasses what kind of bud it was. He looked at me with a short pause then diverted the question to Junior. Junior replied: “Mmmm, I think an OG of some sort, maybe Presidential OG.” I then asked if it was from the club [what most people refer to as dispensaries]. The dude with the hat butted in with a slight Spanish accent, “Na, dispensaries are for noobs n’shit.”

I stood there appalled in my head thinking that I really enjoy being able to pick up from clubs more so than from your average neighborhood hook. So I replied back, “What about all the exotic strains and shit? I’m not trying to cop OG every time. I’m all about those nice flavors and varying highs.” He then mumbled something along the lines of how his homie had everything. I stood there deterred for a moment and then disregarded his comments. I left it at that and we went on with the conversation talking about his clean ass ‘71 Datsun 510 wagon. Life was / is good.


Thank you for enduring the long introduction as to why I felt the urge to write the next article…

What’s in your weed?


strain: Super Lemon Haze
breeder: Green House Seed Company
cultivator: Casual Recreation
time in flower: 64 days
light source: Sun

Super Lemon Haze
Green House Seed Company Super Lemon Haze