I never really put much thought into this question until I bought my first set of dab tools. This was over a year ago. Prior to this I used a freebie spatula tool that I was given as an FTP, which was thin and kind of cheap-feeling —but it worked, so I thought.  I realized that the right tools make life a hell of a lot easier.


I spent a week or so moving between the 5 tools that came with the kit. The newfound freedom to tackle any consistency was unexpected. If I had sugar I used the spatula or the shovel. If it was buddery I used the flat scraper… blah, blah, blah. You get the idea. I no longer had to struggle and stress myself out collecting what was supposed to do the opposite. I used to cringe a little bit inside every time there was still extract left in the container or on the parchment paper that I couldn’t collect.


I do like all of the tools, but if I had to choose one that sticks out to me it would be the flat scraper and spear tool. I’ve been able to use that in pretty much all situations and it’s actually the one I choose to use on a daily basis, aside from my titanium carb cap. As mentioned before, the one thing I really enjoy is being able to scrape any left over terps, or rosin, or whatever was sticking to the container or paper. It was a super nice change of pace being able to finally get the last of my extracts!  


Things I’ve found the extra tools to be helpful for:

Dried up rosin

Budder consistencies


Snap and pull consistencies

Cut with the flat heat

Scrape terps

Hold THCa

Taking fatter dabs



Mind blown, life changed! But seriously…

It makes my concentrate consumption experience much more like it should: seamless.