The 9 Best Cannabis Strains For Stress

Feeling a bit stressed? We definitely feel you. We all deal with some form of stress in our daily lives. There are many coping techniques that can help, but there’s nothing quite like cannabis for relieving stress after a long day at work.

Generally speaking, most people who struggle with stress and anxiety prefer indicas over sativas. This is because indicas are known to relax the mind, whereas high-THC sativa strains can have a cerebral effect that may trigger stressful thoughts or make them harder to let go of. However, some sativa strains can be just what you needed, especially if you want to stay motivated and energized throughout the day.

Here are some strains that will help you chill out:


  • Skywalker OG: This strain is perfect for your bedtime rituals, because it will induce deep drowsiness in addition to a relaxed and happy high. You’ll feel your troubles melt away with the full-body effect.
  • God’s Gift: Enjoy total relaxation without feeling like you’ve become a couch potato. This strain is great for pain relief and you won’t have to worry about any mind-racing effects.
  • Grape Ape: This strain is known for soothing pain, stress, and anxiety. Grape Ape is best recommended for nighttime use because you’ll experience a body high.
  • Northern Lights: If you’re looking to quiet your mind and relax your muscles, check out this one. You’ll experience a mellow, euphoric high that’ll help you drift off into deep sleep.


  • Harlequin: This unique strain is high in CBD, which means it provides a strong yet calming effect. If you’re concerned about paranoia from cannabis, Harlequin is a great option.
  • Jack Herer: Experience a clear-headed and blissful high minus the anxiety-inducing effects that often come with sativas. This strain is ideal for those who want to relax without feeling any head fog.


  • Girl Scout Cookies: This super potent strain is especially great for pain relief. A couple puffs of GSC will put you in good spirits. that you can enjoy both in social situations or alone at home.
  • Blue Dream: Expect to feel invigorated and inspired, while totally relaxed. This popular strain is known for its soothing and energizing effects.
  • Gorilla Glue: This strain gives deep relaxation and euphoria that leaves many people happily couch-locked. It’s a must-try for those struggling with overwhelming thoughts, emotions, and other side-effects of stress.