The 7 Best Weed-Friendly Vacation Spots You Need To Visit

Traveling will never be the same again, that is, if you’re into cannabis. With legalization spreading across the U.S. and Europe, there’s no better time than now to plan a weed-cation. So grab your passport and pack your swimsuit because here’s a list of the most epic places on earth where you can legally enjoy cannabis. 


You’ve probably heard of the infamous “coffeeshops” in Amsterdam so taking a trip to the Netherlands is a no-brainer. For decades, weed enthusiasts have flocked to Amsterdam to experience its cannabis subculture. Although weed is technically illegal in the Netherlands, Amsterdam’s coffeeshops can sell up to 5 grams per day to customers over 18 years old. Pro tip: If you enjoy edibles, definitely get yourself a space cake.


Experience and learn about the roots of ganja culture in Jamaica. Although it’s technically illegal, marijuana has been decriminalized since 2015 and is very easy to find. If you have a valid prescription for medical marijuana in your country, you can actually get a permit to legally buy up to 2 oz of medical marijuana during your trip. When you’re not relaxing on the beautiful beaches, check out the Bob Marley museum or take a stroll through Emancipation Park. Perfect activities to do after a sessh!


This spot is a little under the radar but to everyone’s surprise, Cambodia has a relaxed attitude around cannabis. Though marijuana is technically illegal there, there’s still an easy way to get high in the capital city of Phnom Penh. You’ll find weed sold openly in marketplaces if you’re looking. Any place offering “happy pizza” will serve you a pizza infused with weed. Two of our favorite things meshed into one. Can’t beat that!


Though it’s illegal to sell or buy weed in Spain, there are “cannabis social clubs” that have  found a way around it. These social clubs are private, non-profit organizations where marijuana is collectively grown and then distributed to their members. Be you book your trip make sure to visit a part of Spain where the regional government allows for cannabis clubs. Many clubs offer memberships to non-Spanish visitors, but laws require a waiting period of two weeks before you can activate your membership. So definitely plan ahead.


Even before legalization, Canada was chill about marijuana. Vancouver has known to be a safe haven for smokers for years now. There are a number of coffeeshops where weed can be smoked openly. Also check out the Pot Block in downtown Vancouver. There’s the Herb Museum, Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters, the offices of Pot TV and Cannabis Culture Magazine, the smoke-friendly New Amsterdam Cafe, and a bunch of medical dispensaries. 


Colorado was the first state in the U.S. to legalize recreational marijuana and set up a retail market. Colorado is brimming with fun weed-related activities and it’s the ideal vacation spot for cannabis lovers. Many cannabis companies offer tours, classes, meet-ups and events designed with you in mind. Denver is the perfect place to add to your travel bucket-list. There are many cannabis-friendly accommodations across the city ranging from hotels, inns and B&Bs to Airbnbs. 


Nowadays it’s hard not to think of weed when you think of California. There’s the cultivation mecca known as The Emerald Triangle which spans across Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity counties. Then there’s San Francisco with its vibrant history of cannabis culture and cuisine. Further south you hit Los Angeles which is the world’s largest legal cannabis market and a prime destination for weed-cations. California has something for every budget or style of travel.


Just because weed is legal in these places doesn’t mean you can light up (or vape) anywhere you want to. Make sure you’re fully aware of the regional laws for the country you’re visiting.  Most places have strict guidelines on where you can legally consume cannabis, and no matter how cool you act, if you’re smoking in public or acting a fool, you might get in trouble. Basically, follow the rules and you’ll have a good time.